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Professionelle offers professional development for working women at all stages of their careers. Thoroughly research based, what we offer is action-oriented and affordable.  Anyone can attend our public events, and organisations can partner with us to receive the benefits of our cost-effective development in-house. Please contact us for more information on our partner offer.

Since 2007, our professional development events have been attended by thousands of career-oriented women who tell us that we offer a safe environment in which to discuss issues, share insights, and gain pragmatic advice that materially benefits them at work.  On this site you will also find hundreds of free articles on the issues facing working women today and advice about how they can advance their careers.

We are a charitable Trust.  To support the work we do, make sure you attend one of our public events and/or partner with us!


  • 25 May 2015

    Would the Real Diversity Please Stand Up?

    What do you think about when organisations describe "promoting diversity" or "diversity in the workplace"? Tania Domett looks at emerging definitions...

  • 16 May 2015

    Is it time to reprogram your inner GPS?

    Take time to be curious about the self image you hold in your head and your implicit assumptions about who you are...

  • 12 March 2015

    NZ Update: Women on the NZX

    After the hiss and roar in 2012 of initiatives to support more women onto NZ's publicly listed Boards, and a gratifying leap...