04 June 2011

Managing Your Career: News RoundUp

By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes

The internet has recently been full of excellent articles on aspects of managing your career. We've tweeted and facebooked some of these but if you missed those mentions, here are some of our favourite recent finds. And thanks to those of who who have shared your discoveries with us, too - we've often said that that Professionelle's community is an excellent clipping service!


Ask a Career Coach: How to Get That Raise

May 2011: Excellent advice from Ann Daly, an executive coach, on negotiating a level of pay that fits your role and your true worth. Published on The Glasshammer site.


The 80/20 Rule for Women for Getting Past "No"

June 2011: A companion piece to the article above - when the boss says 'no' to a raise, use your curiosity to learn more and improve your chances of success.


Women Still Haven't Learned to Speak Up

May 2011: from Knowledge@Wharton, this article is worth reading for its discussion of the power of sponsors to boost women's careers. It draws on the 2010 HBR report called The Sponsor Effect.


The Secret to Breaking the Glass Ceiling? Go Home for Dinner!

May 2011: a short article from the Sydney Morning Herald. Thanks to Dr Philippa Reed of the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust


McDonald's Australia CEO Cationa Noble shares her career insights

April 2011: In an 8 minute video interview with BOSS magazine, Noble shares the traits and decisions that led to her becoming "an accidental leader". Discovered on the SheEO blog.


Agentic, Self Aware Women get More Promotions than Anyone Else!

March 2011: from Stanford Graduate School of Business comes a tantalising glimpse of a way to cut the Gordian knot most women face in their careers - how to look and sound like a leader yet avoid the backlash of being judged unfeminine?


7 Myths about Women and Work

Oct 2010: by journalist Catherine Fox, a digest of FINSIA's (Financial Services Industry of Australia) research into prevailing attitudes and beliefs why women have not progressed further into senior positions. The source research is here. Hint - men see things differently.


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