Working Mums

First baby due! It's the best of times - but often the most challenging time for your career. None of us knows how we'll feel after the baby arrives or what work and family arrangements will suit us. Yet, once we go public, everyone starts asking!

Don't worry, in this theme we share advice and stories about options that others have tried. That includes how to make the return to work afterwards, sometimes after a career break.

At Professionelle we have a peak among members in their early thirties: the family formation years. It's no surprise. The solutions that "make it all work" both for parents and for employers could fairly be called a work-in-progress. And as the more experienced parents know, the issues change when children start school, but they don't go away. For example, did you know that school children still need 27 weeks a year of care during work hours? Yes, that's half a year!

Wherever you are on the work and family spectrum, we're sure you'll find relevant and thought-provoking material here. Choosing childcare, the different work models women use, how key pieces of legislation could affect you - and how to dress to cope with the new roles in your life - it's all in this theme.

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  • 18 June 2014 By Karyn Riley Comments: 0
    What’s the Rush?

    Christchurch-based Parent Educator and Author Karyn Riley looks at ways to achieve more by doing less, relieve pressure, find balance and simply enjoy life as a parent.

  • 29 May 2014 By WorkingMums Comments: 0
    Bright Spots from a few Bright Sparks

    Inspired by Brigid Schulte's "Overwhelmed", a book about working mothers juggling their professional and personal lives, WorkingMums brings ideas and tips for bright spots in your life.

  • 24 May 2014 By Pamela Bell Comments: 0
    On Balance, On Target, Onwards

    Pam Bell shares thoughts and anecdotes on charting our own progress and changing the benchmarks that provide us with inspiration and vitality.

  • 16 May 2014 By Nikki Launder Comments: 1
    Working Mothers illustrated in Venn Diagrams

    Nikki, an architect and mother of three, knows many professional working mother. They provided her with anecdotes and thoughts on their typical days managing children and work. These have been the inspiration for a series of Venn Diagrams that illustrate their domains.

  • 08 March 2014 By Jenny Peploe Comments: 0
    Concierge Confidential

    Everyone's lives are busy these days. Between housework and careers, working women especially have barely time to breathe. One solution is to use a concierge service, which is a rapidly growing industry. Jenny Peploe talks about why, and shares tips on how to get the best from employing a concierge.

  • 28 October 2013 By Jayne Muller of Altris and Galia BarHarva-Monteith Comments: 0
    10 Top Tips For Mothers Returning To Work

    Jayne and Galia have pooled their extensive practical experience and insights from research to define ten top tips for mothers returning to the workforce. It's a tricky time, but following these tips will help manage the transition and balance family life with work responsibilities.

  • 31 August 2013 By Karen Humphries with Allison Fisher Comments: 1
    Tips for Mums Returning to Work

    Karen Humphries interviews Allison Fisher, a business and life coach, and discusses what it is like for women returning to the workforce after years of childrearing.Allison shares advice on how to get back into the flow of work, whilst managing the family. She discusses the value of networking and keeping in touch with what is going on around you in the business world.

  • 20 May 2013 By Cheryl Bowie Comments: 3
    Rushing Woman's Syndrome - a book review

    It seems wherever we go these days someone or other is mentioning this book or its author, Dr Libby Weaver! Cheryl, at times a self-confessed sufferer of the "rushing" syndrome, found it a helpful read. It is grounded in science but comes packed with practical advice.

  • 15 March 2013 By Karyn Riley (Abridged by Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes) Comments: 0
    Rediscovering who you are - an excerpt from "How to Keep the YOU in Mum"

    As mothers, we make sacrifices and give so much of ourselves to others that we can end up with little or nothing left in reserve. So how do you find the balance that lets you be a mum and still be YOU? This is an extract from Karyn Riley's practical book "How to keep the YOU in Mum". Based in Christchurch, Karyn is a parenting specialist who provides hope and support to stressed and overwhelmed parents.

  • 25 October 2012 By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes Comments: 2
    Female Role Models (why we need more women at the top)

    Sarah argues that providing relevant and engaging role models for younger women is a key reason we need to have women in senior positions in business and other fields. She identifies two different ways in which 'women at the top' can inspire and guide us.