Working Mums

First baby due! It's the best of times - but often the most challenging time for your career. None of us knows how we'll feel after the baby arrives or what work and family arrangements will suit us. Yet, once we go public, everyone starts asking!

Don't worry, in this theme we share advice and stories about options that others have tried. That includes how to make the return to work afterwards, sometimes after a career break.

At Professionelle we have a peak among members in their early thirties: the family formation years. It's no surprise. The solutions that "make it all work" both for parents and for employers could fairly be called a work-in-progress. And as the more experienced parents know, the issues change when children start school, but they don't go away. For example, did you know that school children still need 27 weeks a year of care during work hours? Yes, that's half a year!

Wherever you are on the work and family spectrum, we're sure you'll find relevant and thought-provoking material here. Choosing childcare, the different work models women use, how key pieces of legislation could affect you - and how to dress to cope with the new roles in your life - it's all in this theme.

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  • 12 December 2011 By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes Comments: 2
    Is it the Work - or the Overwork?

    If you're in the grip of year end dreams of getting out of the rat race, but unsure how much is due to work itself or to overwork, reflect on the factors that make you want to work. They will be very different from those that drive you to overwork. It's really important to disentangle the profoundly positive things about work from the drag of overwork!

  • 25 November 2011 By Jayne Muller of Altris Comments: 0
    Working Mothers' Guilt

    Just because you feel guilty, doesn’t mean you are guilty! However, if you sometimes struggle to manage your working mum’s guilt, here are 4 tips to help.

  • 30 September 2011 By Jayne Muller of Altris Comments: 1
    The Phases of Motherhood - Two Perspectives

    "Women have been having babies for years, it's no big deal". Wrong, it is a big deal! Jayne Muller of Altris argues that pregnancy and baby should be treated by the new mum and her manager the same as a change project. From the perspectives of each party, she provides advice on the three phases of change to give the mother and her employer the best chance of a successful return to work.

  • 01 September 2011 By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes Comments: 1
    The Gender Productivity Gap

    There's an economic prize for bringing more women into paid employment and lifting their productivity, say Goldman Sachs. It's an argument that interests the Government and has the power to bring important policy changes for working women to the table. So Sarah wants to believe it - but struggles with the economic logic. Can wiser heads help her understand?

  • 04 August 2011 By Professionelle's Christchurch Chapter Comments: 1
    "The Struggle of the Juggle" - insights from Professionelle in Christchurch

    At a recent "Struggle of the Juggle" Professionelle networking seminar, we talked about the many different challenges that professional women (and men!) face when combining paid work with the many other important things that happen in our lives. Here we distil some of our top tips from the seminar.

  • 27 March 2011 By Denise Arnold, Founder of the Cambodia Charitable Trust Comments: 4
    One girl at a time in Cambodia

    Human trafficking: it is likely millions of people are affected. People are sold, lives ruined and lost. How do you combat trafficking? In my case, one girl at a time, through education.

  • 10 March 2011 By Gabriele Wehler of Clarity Coaching Comments: 0
    Working Mothers' Stress

    You’re a working mother: intelligent, hard working, busy and successful - so why do you feel so bad about it? Gabriele advises how to manage the stress and guilt that so often accompany combining two important and fulfulling roles

  • 09 March 2011 By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes Comments: 15
    Get Ahead - Get A Wife!

    What sustains women's careers after their children arrive? Sarah provocatively points to something - or someone - quite different to the usually prescribed ingredients of mentors, stretch assignments and networking, important though those are.

  • 28 January 2011 By Janelle Fletcher, Speaker and Mind-Body Expert Comments: 0
    Forgot to Shave the Other Leg

    A visit to the beach provided unexpected insights into balance in our lives. As the author overheard comments by passersby and observed people's choices she began to distil different aspects of balance.

  • 07 January 2011 By Jennifer Mills, Partner, and Anne Shirley, Senior Solicitor, at Minter Ellison Rudd Watts Comments: 1
    Flexible Work Arrangements - for You the Employer

    A recent 'Ask the Expert' article looked at the issue of flexible working arrangements from an employee's perspective. However, women may not only wish to request such arrangements - they may also, as managers or employers, find themselves having to respond to respond to these requests.